Professional Communication Skills


Our Client


Our client is a leading world class supplier of capital printing and packaging solutions. Employing 15,000 staff out of 250 International sales offices.


The organisations culture and drive is to demonstrate customer excellence throughout all areas of their business. Their goal in the UK was to ensure that their staff were reflecting this culture internally.


What was delivered?


Based on a long and successful partnership with this client The Training Faculty was chosen as the preferred supplier to provide a foundation course designed to build both professionalism and core confidence at all levels of staff. Enhancing not only relationships but also increasing motivation and productivity.


This behaviourally based workshop focused on how one deals with others for the benefit of both the business and oneself


Our Approach


Mixing people from various areas of the company proved to be highly productive and the group commented that ‘interaction with people outside my usual working environment was extremely useful’.


One of the main objectives was to help people minimise frustration and discomfort previously experience when working with colleagues.


The high energy and focused workshop was centred on lively discussions and self-analysis. Questions from the individuals revealed the realisation that their own behaviour had a huge impact, and the liberating thought that they as individuals could influence their relationships and outcomes of interactions, at whatever level.


We provided them with the tools and strategies to influence with integrity. It naturally takes effort and determination to change previous habits, both physical and mental. However, the individuals came away with a greater self-awareness and a greater understanding of how their tolerance and resulting behaviour will impact on how others behave towards them – in a positive way! And that’s always good for business!


Individual's Comments


‘Provided methods to build better rapport with “difficult people”


‘Gave relevant insight into behaviour and psychology’


‘Really enjoyed learning about areas that I could improve upon that I hadn’t necessarily realised before the course’

The Power of One to One Coaching


Our Client


Our client is a leading global engineering company and foremost supplier of rugged high power amplifiers and transmitters for radar and electronic applications to major primes and Governments worldwide.


What was delivered?


The Training Faculty have provided a mix of disciplines and training events over the past 9 years. Their partnership continues to evolve and grow and we celebrates the success of this client who has increased their business by 40% over the last 3 years.


The following areas of development and training have been provided:


Project Management Training


Appraisal Training


Supervisory Training


Engineering Open Day


General consultancy on HR issues and Management Days


Coaching & Mentoring


A request came from an Operations Manager to receive one-to-one coaching/mentoring in order to progress to the role of Operations Director. This was achieved within 18 months and the relationship still flourishes today through a meeting once a month. The support was then offered to other managers to assist them with personal development.


Currently there are 8 individuals from the Managing Director through to various Managers who receive regular mentoring sessions and others are also seen dependant on need (see HR support below).


Each session is 2 to 3 hours long and is totally bespoke to the individual. However the following list details the range of topics covered:

  • Strategic issues
  • Customer issues
  • Succession planning
  • Management and leadership issues (i.e. motivating staff, handling a difficult individual)
  • HR issues: redundancy, recruitment, training
  • Mediation
  • Counselling – i.e. helping with stress, social issues, personal motivation and satisfaction
  • Changing career




Whilst our client has and experience HR function, at times it is helpful to utilise an outside perspective to ensure fairness. Our knowledge and experience is complementary to theirs and together we have helped with:

  • Mediation and Grievance issues
  • Sessions with those on Performance Management processes to give a separate opinion
  • Recruitment – both with procedures and individual recruitment issues
  • Appraisal Procedures and then launching the process to the company
  • Personal development of more junior staff elected by HR to spend time with our consultants