"The reason why we chose the Training Faculty was two fold: They have provided training facilities to an extremely high standard in the past for account managers of all levels. The company provides trainers that are skilled in specific areas of sales expertise. This was a key differentiator in choosing the Training Faculty, and in early discussions, allowed us jointly to select the trainer that best matched the advanced level that we require for our training."

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Sales & Sales Management


From foundation level up to Management – working closely with your teams we will analyse all stages of your sales process and propose an innovative and practical solution designed to create immediate and long lasting results.


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General Management


From Supervisor up to Senior Manager – managers today need a multiple of skills to be able to lead, direct, motivate, coach, manage performance and inspire their teams to demonstrate best practice. With practical tools and techniques we will equip your Managers to face their specific challenges and to build strong and successful teams.


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Customer Service


Whether face to face or by telephone good customer service is key to creating a good impression for any organisation. We analyse the customer’s journey and how your people can develop their knowledge, behaviour and skills to maximise the impact they have and where appropriate up sell.


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We provide one to one coaching to individuals within an organisation who have been recognised for potential promotion. We support them through helping them to identify their goals, strengths and weaknesses and with constructive feedback challenge and empower them to achieve their goals.


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Personal Development


How you communicate is fundamental to how you will progress through your career. We work with individuals to help them to understand how they come across and what skills and behaviours they need to adopt to become more confident and effective communicators.


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Human Resources


Getting an outside perspective on HR issues has proven invaluable to our clients. We have successfully helped to support HR functions with redundancy, mediation, recruitment and appraisal training and performance management.


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